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JWM Tactical Online Training Options
JWM Tactical Training- Texas Security Guard Certifications
Level II Unarmed Guard Course
  • Full TX PSB Certification for Unarmed Security Guards
  • Receive certification instantly on ANY device in as little as 2 hours!l
    100% Online Course
  • Easiest way to start an unarmed guard position!
Level III Armed Guard Course
  • Take at your own pace on any device! No wasting 5 days in a classroom!
  • INCLUDES Level II certification
  • Full TX PSB Certification for 40hr Level 3 Armed Guard Classroom Certification We have recommended qualification instructors in DFW, Houston, San Antonio. Austin and Midland/Odessa
  • PSB-30 Course Completion Certificate issued instantly upon completion
Level 3 Security Guard RE-Certification
  • Satisfies required PSB 2-year education and testing requirements!
  • Complete quickly with NO classrooms on any device! Do it at your own pace!
  • Includes instructions on how to complete live fire proficiency!
DPS Pepper Spray Certification
  • DPS Certification- Issued instantly upon completion
  • 2-3 hour course
    100% Online- Do at your own pace!
  • No submission to DPS required
  • NO Pepper Spray Exposure required!!
Texas License To Carry (LTC) Course (online classroom portion)
  • Fully certified TX Department of Public Safety License to Carry Course
  • Don't spend all day in a classroom! Learn at your own pace on ANY device!
  • Receive your LTC and stop carrying illegally!
  • Qualify after completing the class with ANY state instructor!
  • Reciprocity to carry in 38 different states!!
Texas Level 3 Armed Security Officer Information
Welcome to the most convenient way to get your Texas Licensed Security Guard Certification.  Whatever level (II, III, or IV) you are going for, this is the most convenient way to do it!

Level II Un-Armed Guard Certification
All online!
Receive your certification QUICKLY! Just register and begin your course and you could receive your certification as fast as 2 hours!

Level III Armed Guard Certification
This online course is a great alternative to spending 5 straight days in a classroom!
The process is simple!

Level III is broken up into the following 2 Units...

  • 40 hour classroom. The Student will learn and certify in each of the required topics and complete the Texas Private Security Bureau Final exam for both Level II unarmed and Level III Armed Guards

  • Firearms Proficiency Whether completing the initial certification or completing a recert, the Student will then schedule a Live Fire firearms proficiency course with a Level III Firearms Instructor.  Texas Security Academy has partnered multiple different instructors accross the State of Texas.  Currently, the Live Fire Proficiency price is approximately $60 (depending on location) and information on completing the proficiency will be provided in the course, or scroll below for detailed info.

*See below for Live Fire Proficiency Informatio

Level IV Armed Personal Protection Officer (Bodyguard) Certification

This is a 15 hour course that is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Board. This course meets if not exceeds the training requirements of the PSB for a Personal Protection Officer license which allows a security officer to work in a bodyguard position. Subjects covered include: how to protect the principle when alone or as a team, threat avoidance techniques, and how to plan and scout escape routes. Some defensive tactics are taught as well as transportation tips, and the value and importance of proper planning and preplanning.

All Texas Security Officer certified training is administered by Go Strapped Firearms Training, TX PSB Training School #F24121701